Dick’s 70th Birthday Celebrations at The Pegasus


Dick very sensibly realised we would be celebrating and he dressed accordingly! However, he had no idea that so many people would be there and was absolutely bowled over by the occasion.

After welcoming some of his family and some friends he hadn’t seen for a few months, Dick started off the evening with one of his wonderful chorus songs. This was followed by the inimitable Pearl O’Neal, singing the wonderful parody “She Weighs 16 Stone”. We had some great tunes led by Dave Coates and it was wonderful to hear Martin’s fiddle again. Den and Pete did some great choruses and Craig gave us some great blues guitar. I wasn’t taking notes and was rather occupied so can’t remember what everyone else sang exactly!

We returned to Dick several times during the evening for more of his wonderful songs and had to tell him to sing Bring Us A Barrel so we could bring out his birthday cake – when you see the photos you’ll understand why – it did make Dick smile! Many thanks indeed to Den for providing the barrel cake.

The singing continued while people began to munch the sandwiches, pork pies, drumsticks and crispy things. I hope most people managed to have some of the food - it went down well as we had some very favourable comments and were left with next to nothing.

Dick then opened his presents and cards. Some more rousing choruses followed. I think everyone would agree we had a fantastic evening of singing and playing and it was wonderful for Dick to have so many friends come along. Thankyou everyone who came and made it a special evening.

Apologies for those people whose names I’m not sure of but he attendees were (going round the room order, approximately):

Karen and Roger
Glen Johnston
Kitty Vernon
Helen Akitt
Pat and Craig
Alan and Rosie
Clive & partner
Stuart and Delia
Malcolm Austen
Linda and Ken
Steve and Jennifer
Dave and Norma
Brain and Jacqui
Chris and Dave Coates
Den and Pete
Tony and Pearl O’Neil
Judith Inman
Alison and David Fenner
Fred & Josie & Jenny
Melodeon Roger and wife
Chris and Pearl Evans
Stuart Walker
John Crosby
Johnny Seabrook
Dick’s nephew and neice, and 2 others

More photos can be seen at: http://picasaweb.google.com/MarlowBottom.AcousticClub/DickS70thBirthday?feat=directlink

Some of the songs were:-

Sweet Thames Flow Softly
Mary Ellen Carter
Micca’s parody of I Like To Rise
Rolling Down The River
Ready For The Storm
An Old Man Came Courtin’ Me
Have You Got Any News of the Iceberg
As Long As You’re Able to Wind Up Me Clock
Union Miners
Cock A Doodle Doo

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  1. Special credit goes to Karen for assembling so many of Dick's friends from far and wide.

    She also negotiated a special price for the beer!