8th April: 'Bring a Richard Thompson song' evening


Whenever two or three English folkies are gathered together, at least one Richard Thompson song is amongst them.......

The man himself is 60 on 3rd April so I thought it would be a nice idea if we all tried to bring a Richard Thompson song along to perform on our regular Wednesday evening at The Prince Albert at Frieth on 8th April. There's no requirement to learn the Richard Thompson guitar parts. It would help to avoid duplication if you added a comment to this post to nominate your song or songs.

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  1. Well as you know I sing 3 - Crazy Man Michael, Dimming of the Day, and Waltzing's for Dreamers. Not sure if I'll have time to learn a new one, but I guess you never know.

  2. Karen - I think you've done King Of Bohemia unaccompanied too haven't you?

  3. Rosie and I have our eyes on Walking on a Wire

  4. Yes, I have done King of Bohemia - a lovely song, written I understand, when his daughter was born.
    I'm hoping someone will do Drunkards, and Bright Lights.

  5. David/Alison/Simon
    Strange Affair, Wall of Death, back Street slide and Walking on Wire if Alan/Rosie don't.

  6. David/Alison/Simon: What about Meet on the Ledge? Someone must.

  7. Hey!
    My contribution could include:

    Needle and Thread
    Turning of the Tide

    and, if I'm not being too greedy:

    I Feel So Good


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  9. Nice to meet you last night. I hope to get to the RT evening. I can do "Al Bowley's in Heaven" and "How will I ever be simele again".
    "Bright Lights" could be done communally - in D?

  10. I will be expecting John to sing the lovely Beeswing.

  11. Rosie and I confirm our claim to Walking on a Wire.
    I think Steve and Karen also have We'll Sing Hallelujah

  12. I hope it's ok if I gatecrash your night but I can't resist a bit of Richard Thompson. Noticing an absense of Mock Tudor, I'll stake my claim for Sights and Sounds, and possibly Sibella. I've also been known to play something approximating RT's version of Money.

  13. I'm going for Time to Ring some Changes and possibly Burns Supper - happy to lead Meet on the Ledge towards the end of proceedings!