Old, new, borrowed and blue at the Belle Vue, HIgh Wycombe


It’s been a while since we had a banjo player with us, so it was great to see and hear Dan, who plays banjo for Papa Truck. He encouraged us to join in on Cripple Creek and Saw Creek and played an ad hoc version of Duelling Banjos with Roger in the break. His presence also inspired others to play country-flavoured stuff that would benefit from a touch of banjo.

John, a local melodeon player, also joined us for the first time. He played Sussex Cotillion, Portsmouth and Tarantella Calabria (I think). It was good to have another tune player along.

We hope to see both Dan and John again soon.

From our newish attendees:

  • Fred sang Rolling Home (with hearty chorus singing from those assembled) and once again baffled everyone by playing splendid tunes with lots of notes on what seems to be a simple piece of plastic pipe but is actually a Willow Flute.
  • Gerry started with The Boxer, with spontaneous lie-la-lie-ing from Karen and Rosie and some bass from Steve. I’m not sure that he welcomed my sound effects. Later he added two lesser-known (at least to me) songs: Mike McLellan’s The One I Love and The Lemonheads' Lied About Being The Outdoor Type.
From our occasional visitors:

  • Helen sang a couple of songs, one of which was about Banbury
  • Dave S didn’t sing. I’m confident that he’ll make up for this at the Xmas meal on 17th.
From the old (and not so old) guard:

  • Dick sang Let Union Be, Fair Rosamund and, form his slightly-blue book, The Lusty Smith
  • Steve sang Green Hills of Antrim and This Old Town
  • Rosie & I tried out In Dulce Jubilo coupled with The Mummers Jig (known as My Darling Asleep except at this time of year) in preparation for Tuesday’s Xmas themed gig at Winslow. Rosie played the Shetland tune Da Trowie Burn on the concertina. With Steve on bass, we added Help Me Make It through The Night, In The Jailhouse Now and Your Cheating Heart (note the banjo friendliness), plus the usual mazurkas.
  • Karen sang Shenandoah and Oh Cumberland with Roger’s accompaniment, and Cornish Men with Steve
  • Roger played Scan Tester
  • John sang Ghost Riders In The Sky and Lilly the Pink

We’re at The Prince Albert next week. Get there early for a good seat or, if you’re called Simon, arrive at your usual time for a stool in the middle.

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  1. I'll get there early! No stools in the middle for me.....