Wed 7th May 2008 at The Old Ship, Cadmore End


We had a lovely evening, and it was especially good to see (and hear) Richard Lloyd and Dave Sanderson. Sally joined us with her bodhran and she and Karen joined in with several tunes. I’m afraid this blog is rather brief – busy life! Apologies if I have omitted anyone’s songs or tunes. The evening comprised:

Dick (voice): Wild Rover, Bring Us A Barrell, Fair Rosamund, Lovely Nancy, Man in The Moon

Alan & Rosie (voice, guitar, mandolin):
Tunes: Lord Inchquin, Am Jigs, Musical Priest, Star of Munster, Captain Byngs, Peg Ryan, Maids of Ardagh, Fanny Power
Songs: Jolly Rogues of Lynn, Across the Universe, You’ve Got Her in Your Pocket, I’ve Waited As Long As I Can, Your Cheating Heart

Richard (voice, whistle, accordion) : I Drew My Ship Into The Harbour (accompanied by piano accordian), Sucking Pig, Rippling Lads, Bold Riley,

Roger & Richard (guitar and low whistle): Haste to the Wedding, Behind the Haystack

Roger (guitar): Boys of the Blue Hills, Harvest Home

Karen (voice, bodharn): The Call And The Answer, Sun Coming Over the Hill, Heart Like A Wheel, Great Divide,

Dave Sanderson (voice): Tom Brown, The Maiden Over

John (voice): Anathea (Hungarian gypsy song), Sloop John A,

Sally: bodhran

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  1. and, just to keep you busy, you're on blog duty again tomorrow while I'm at Hammersmith seeing The Raconteurs....