one devil of an evening


Dick informed us last week that 30th April is Devil’s Night, so Karen suggested that we should get some devil-related songs together for this evening. Wikipedia tells us that 30th April is Walpurgis Night, a pagan holiday. I must have missed the references in Dick’s songs: Blow Boys Blow, Broomfield Hill and The Lusty Smith!

After Karen had sung her first devil-referencing song, Black Crow, we thought out loud about other songs we might sing. At the mention of Devil Woman, Bob claimed that he’d rather eat key parts of his anatomy than sing a Cliff Richard song. Naturally, the rest of us treated him to an almost complete rendition of Summer Holiday.

A big welcome to John from Dunstable, who arrived a little later and missed this hilarity. However, his only song for the evening was coincidentally the 1962 Cliff Richard hit – Do You Wanna Dance. I believe Bob is still in one piece.

The next reference came from Rosie & Alan, who’d hastily put together a version of That Ole Devil Called Love. Dick apparently enjoyed this so much that it brought a tear (pronounced tier) to his trouser leg. Other devil and mystical references were:

  • Who Will Buy My Besoms (Delia)
  • Silver Dagger (Karen and Roger)
  • Ballad Of Cursed Anna (Bob)
  • Ghost Riders In The Sky (John C)
  • Angie Baby (Rosie and Alan)

Dave and Simon threw a couple of curve balls: Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here and Cover Of The Bucks Free Press - a parody of Dr Hook’s hit from the 70s. Simon also made us laugh with Nobby Hall, and they both had us singing along with Banks Of The Roses.

Other songs from the evening were:

  • Prize-Winning Hereford Bull (Roger)
  • Rare Old Times (Karen and Roger)
  • If I Were A Carpenter (Bob)
  • You Are My Sunshine (Bob)
  • Carrion Crow (Stuart)
  • I Drew My Ship into the Harbour (Delia)
  • Almaz (Rosie and Alan)

The tunes for the evening were:

  • Step Back (Simon)
  • The reels The Shaskeen / The Pigeon On The Gate (Rosie and Alan)
  • Pernod Waltz (Alan)
  • The Nightingale (Rosie and Alan)
Despite there being us a dozen of us - fewer people than we've had of late - we had one devil of an evening. Back to The Old Ship next week. Arrive early for a good seat.

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  1. Although the Devil isn't named in Broomfield Hill it is of course a tale of witchcarft and sorcery!!