Another change of venue: Prince Albert on 9th May


Medmenham Cricket Club have published their fixtures for the summer, and several of them clash with when we were planning to be at The Dog & Badger, including this week - 9th May. I've arranged for us to be at The Prince Albert on 9th instead. I'll work to reschedule the other clashes.

We were at the Dashwood Arms last week and had the pleasure of a visit from Robin and his mandolin. After singing his first number in French (without Alison around to give him marks out of ten), he announced that he was going to sing something English and cultured. When I queried whether this would be another Chas and Dave song (he's previously treated us to The Sideboard Song), he promptly changed tack and sang Margate - great stuff. His final number was Chumbawumba's Add Me, which we usually hear from Simon.

Fred finished the evening with his own Olympic-themed poem. Maybe we'll get to hear this again when the Olympics are actually on.

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