More venue shuffling, The Bottom Line at The D&B on 5th May


We've had some really good sessions recently, notably when Graham and Lefty, plus a new Karen, joined us at The Prince Albert. We also had a youngish local chap bring his Finnish wife and parents-in-law along there last week, and this coincided with a visit from John  McCrae. It's interesting that our smallest and most remote venue gets the biggest attendances.

We're entering the cricket season now, and have learned to avoid The Dog & Badger when the cricket club is training or playing at home. We'll therefore be at The Dashwood Arms on 2nd May rather than the D&B. We'll be at the D&B on the 9th instead.

May has 5 Wednesdays. We'll be at The Cross Keys on 30th May.

Whilst on the subject of the Dog & Badger, Nick and Susanne's are celebrating the first anniversary of taking the pub over on Saturday 5th May. They have a hog roast at lunchtime, and someone will by flying a hawk of some sort. Afternoon music will be provided by The Bottom Line, starting around 2pm. Please try to come along - it should be fun.

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