November 2011: George Harrison and more


On 30th November, we'll be trying out Claytons Bar in Marlow. This has changed management a few times in the last few years and is now a nicely laid-out wine bar. It's in Oxford Road, opposite Platt's garage. The best place to park is in the 'Waitrose' (soon to be Sainsbury's) car park in Riley Road, unless you're Simon, in which case you can park in your own drive.

Incidentally, as well as being St Andrew's Day, 30th November is the closest Wednesday to the 10th anniversary of George Harrison's death (29th November 2001). Some of George's songs would be appropriate on the evening. Please comment below if you can contribute one or more so we don't have a bunch of duplicates!

Because we'll be at The Dog & Badger on 21st December for the Xmas meal, we've swapped dates with the Dashwood Arms and will be at The Dashwood on 7th December.

 The Chequers has a large dinner booking so can't accommodate us for our usual slot on 14th. We'll be at the Prince Albert on that evening.

We usually have a quorum of people keen to get out of their house between Xmas and the New Year, so expect to be at the Prince Albert then too.

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  1. Rosie and I are hoping to manage George's I Me Mine (from Let It Be)

  2. David F claims If I Needed Someone (good choice!)

  3. Martin B claims While my Guitar Gently Weeps and I Need You

  4. I'd like to have a go at "Something"