Increasing numbers at The Dog & Badger


By 8:45, there only Fred, Rosie and I were there It might have been one of those 'What shall we play? /  Everything we know' evenings. However, the following people drifted in over the course of the evening: Dick, Steve (without guitar and words), Jennifer, Dick, David, Alison, Simon, Terry, John C, Matt and Judith, Plus a couple from Cookham who listened for a while, then said they'd return soon to play. We looking forward to hearing them.

As usual, we heard a variety of stuff, including:
  • one and a half Tom Lehrer's  from Terry
  • Lou Reed  from Matt
  • Native American flute from Fred
  • an almost-empty autumnal guitar solo from me
  • an almost-empty verse from David
  • some almost-Turkish melodica from Rosie
  • an especially good 'Elvis Presley Blues' from Alison
  • a coffee pot from Simon
We're at The Chequers next week, eagerly anticipating another new seating arrangement.

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