More blackberrying at The Prince Albert


We had the usual good turnout at The Price Albert. This included a first visit from John from Derbyshire, who brought along his guitar and proceeded to dazzle us with three instrumentals, at least two of which were his own compositions.  Nice tunes as well as nifty playing. I hope we see and hear more of John.

David, Alison and Simon seemed on particularly good form, notably on Ready for the Storm and Monsieur Le Curé. After Fred played another tune on his guitar, I remarked that I was pleased that I'm not the only person who pulled a funny face when concentrating on playing. It was then justice that I made a few mistakes when   playing  my mandolin piece because I was putting more effort into not pulling a face than on playing.

Also present were Dick, Martin, Delia and Stuart, John C, Matt and Judith, plus Rosie and I. 

After  Judith had rescued  us last week by letting me use her Blackberry to look up our lyrics, we dedicated The Move's Blackberry Way to her. There was much singing along. 

We'll be at The Dog and Badger next week, where I hope for as good a turnout as last time there. 

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