Remembering at The Prince Albert


We had a lovely and varied evening at The Prince Albert. It was nice to welcome Mike from Marlow with his songs and guitar. Here's looking forward to his next visit. 

The other main thing of note in the evening (apart from Stuart intending to sing one song and another one emerging  is recounted below, with apologies. It's to the tune of Blind Blake's Delia's Gone, as sung more recently by Johnny Cash.

Delia's Tunes

Delia, Oh Delia
Delia when she sings
Pitches notes so high that some of us
Think the bats are coming in
Delia’s songs are so high, Delia’s songs

But Delia, Oh Delia
Delia learned to play
A concertina, English style
Reading music, by the way
By the dots, Delia’s tunes, by the dots

Then Delia, Oh Delia
Trusted her memory
Played  two tunes without the dots
Sounded so much better to me
Learn some more, Delia please, learn some more

We're back at The Dog & Badger at Medmenham next week.

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