Tongue twisting at The Prince Albert


We had the usual good turnout at the Prince Albert and some fine music. The virtuoso performance of the evening was from Simon (accompanied by David) with the Proper Copper Coffee Pot song – quite a tongue twister that might not have been managed so well after a couple of beers.  This song has been recorded by The Andrews Sisters and Rolf Harris and this more handsome trio. Simon was obviously in ‘crowd’-pleasing mood when we followed later with the music hall number ‘My Old Brown Hat’. He also brought along his new friend, Basil the acoustic bass.

It’s not unknown for singers to struggle to find the right key for their song. Today, one of our number had trouble finding any key at all, but all was well when the relative minor arrived.

Three of The Bottom Line were present and used the opportunity to run out some songs for their upcoming gig at The Cross Key (a somewhat different proposition to The Prince Albert). The numbers were City of New Orleans, I’ll be Your Baby Tonight, Keep on the Sunny Side (with Richard on whistle) and Cash on the Barrelhead.

We’re seeing Liz and Alan regularly at The Prince Albert and hope they come our new venues in the Wycombe area. This evening they sang Horncastle Fair, Yorkshire Gypsy, One for Sorrow, Bay of Biscay and Girls of Sedgefield Fair.

We also heard:
  • Alison, David and Simon: Hey Moon, 10,000 miles, The Curst Brothers’ Ain’t Done it Myself and Cape Breton Lullaby
  • Richard: Haul, Boys, Haul, My Lady Cullens’ Delight / Lusty Gallant and The Parson + The Suckling Pig
  • John: the contrast of Jake Thackray’s Sister Josephine and Leonard Cohen’s Dress Rehearsal Rag
  • Dick: Who’s the Fool Now, Peatbog Soldiers, Teenage Cremation
  • Martin: Boatman by Maggie & Livingstone Taylor (brother of James) and the lovely (but achingly sad) I Can’t Make You Lovely, popularised by Bonnie Raitt
  • Stuart: Cyril Tawney’s Five Foot Flirt
  • Stuart & Delia: Concertina Duet by Claire Wren and Carol’s Favourite
  • Delia: Pete Coe’s Seven Warnings
  • Rosie and me: 3 polkas and 3 jigs
Next Wednesday (16th), we have our first outing to The Dashwood Arms at Piddington– just West of West Wycombe. As it’s  the day before St Patricks Day, I dare say some Irish material will get an outing.

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