Down to the core at The Belle Vue


We had a relatively low turnout of regulars at The Belle Vue and so were pleased that Tony was in the area and joined us for the evening. He played Willy Taylor’s High Tea and Steamboat and sang Drift form the Land.

It was clear from their songs this evening that Andy and Richard have a gig on St Patricks Day. They were Jolly Beggarman/Portsmouth,  Dicey Riley/Drowsy Maggie, Banks of the Bann, Seven Drunken Nights (uncensored version), Bonnie Light Horseman, Banks of the Roses, that well known Irish standard If I Were A Carpenter (it was actually recorded by Val Doonican if that counts) and someday soon (can’t find a recordings by anyone Irish).

Also aired this evening were:

  • Dick: Who’s the Fool Now, Twas On One April Morning, Fair Rosamund, Kissed the Chambermaid
  • Steve: Family Hands (AKA Weavers of the Cloth), Talk to Me When I’m Listening
  • Alan (with Richard’s help): Sportsman’s Hornpipe, Stockton Hornpipe and (less successfully) Valse Eric Rocher
  • Karen and Steve: Machine Gun Kelly
  • John: Skipper Jan Rebec, If You Had a Brain,
  • Karen: Maid on the Shore

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