Open mic but closed eyes at The Belle Vue


Our regular 'first Wednesday' evening at The Belle Vue fell in the middle of their beer festival. We expected a larger and livelier than usual crowd, so Andy set up his excellent mini-PA so we could hear ourselves and be heard. Thanks for that Andy.

However, many of the BV regulars had over-partaken of the beers at the weekend, so there were actually fewer people there than usual. Nevertheless, we had an excellent evening, which we ran more like a 'open mic' than our usual 'sing-around' style. Contributors were:

  • Dick
  • Andy and Richard
  • Rosie and me
  • Martin
  • Terry
  • Debbie
  • John C
During our first turn at the mic, I noticed that Rosie was trying hard not to laugh while singing. Was my guitar out of tune? Perhaps I was playing too fast? It turned out that she'd noticed that Terry has his eyes closed and was breathing slowly. I think that's what we call 'sleeping'. Nice to know that we were putting on a good show.

I'm pleased to say that it wasn't only us that sent him to sleep - it happened with everyone else too. The amazing thing was that Terry continued to plink along on the mandolin while showing all other outward signs of being alseep.

We're at the Prince Albert next week, where we'll all squeeze in and try to stay awake.

The Xmas meal will be at The Dog & Badger on Wednesday 22nd December. Numbers are limited so please let us know ASAP if you'd like to come.

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