A mini festival of Remembrance at The Prince Albert


It was the evening before Remembrance Day, and several of the assembled number (but not Rosie and I) remembered to bring along songs suitable for the occasion. If I’d made better notes (or even any at all), I would have listed all the songs here. I’d be happy to add any that anyone present can remember.

Notably, we failed in our duty to have anyone sing The Green Fields of France, or even any parody of it. However, we probably won’t be expelled from the folk club union because of Paul’s excellent and touching rendition of The Band Played Waltzing Matilda.

Here’s what I do remember or have sought out:

  • Dick: Fair Rosamund, the Royal Artillery version of Old King Cole, Manchurian Border
  • Steve: Old Tennessee
  • Karen: Briege Murphy’s One Down the Road
  • Karen and Roger: Follow the Heron Home
  • Roger: an unaccompanied song
  • Dave H: two songs, one of which was about a bomber mission and was written in the car
  • Fred: Mick Maguire and his own somewhat tardy, but very good, Samhain Song
  • Rosie and me: Time of the Preacher, You Go to my Head
  • Martin: David Farncey’s Flowers of Saskatchewan and one other
  • Me (with help from Richard): Ships in Full Sail
  • Richard: a song and some tunes I think
  • Alison, David and Simon: Battle of the Somme (with help from Richard), Poor Struggler (Curst Sons), Home Lads Home (Fox-Smith/ Sarah Morgan), Jesus Wept, (Reg Meuross) and the Scarecrow (John Tams).
  • David and Simon: General and Majors
  • Paul: some dance tunes and the aforementioned TBPWM

Apologies to the singers of the ones I’ve forgotten.

We’ll be at The Dog and Badger next week (17th November) on which date:
  • Peter Cook, Gordon Lightfoot & Jeff Buckley were born
  • Alan Hull died

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