Alison & David Fenner with Simon Diegan live at the Arts4Every1 social event on Saturday evening @ old St Johns Church, Wycombe


The old St Johns Church in Desborough Road in Wycombe is being renovated to be an Arts Centre, including exhibition space and performance areas. The group doing this is called Arts4every1 and has an open day at the St Johns Halls on Saturday (27th November) afternoon, followed by a social event in the evening starting @ 19:30.

As Marlow Bottom Acoustic Club has a group membership, we were asked to provide some music for the evening. Alison & David Fenner with Simon Diegan have stepped up to the task and will be playing an amplified set at around 20:00. Rosie and I can't make it, but it would be great if there were some friendly faces in the audience, so please go along if you can. You'd be sure to hear some great songs, performed in their inimitable style.

Entry is free and there's a 'bring your own refreshments' arrangement rather than a bar. More details about the evening are here.

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