After the Lord Mayor’s Show……


We were pleased that Tom McLelland from Scotland, who was visiting relatives in the Chalfonts, was able to find his way to the wilds of Frieth. He sang three really original songs for us, accompanying himself with deft and subtle guitar playing. Let’s hope he returns when he’s next down our way. It was also nice that John came along to show us how easy finger-style guitar can be made to look.

By common consent, last Wednesday (17th) was one of the best MBAC evenings for a long time. Not only did we have a big turnout, with very diverse material, but everyone seemed to be on top form. That was always going to be hard to follow this week and so, with some notable exceptions, it proved. We had:

  • forgetting of words
  • starting a song to the tune of a different one (whilst not being part of a Radio 4 panel game)
  • apparently not knowing the melody to a song at all
  • switching from one whistle to another, then back
  • announcing a tune in one key and playing it in another, then getting a bit lost
Someone was heard to say “ has washed his and can’t do a thing with it”.

Apart from the musical difficulties, there was a post-shooting party at the pub when we arrived. That’s not unusual at the Prince Albert, but this group was a rowdier than most and lingered a bit longer. There were also two middle-aged chaps at the end of the bar who seemed to be competing in the UK talking-loudly competition. All this was a far cry from our usual convivial and accomplished evenings at The Prince Albert. However, we did get to eat some left over pasties (and feed some more to the dogs), prompting Stuart to sing The Oggie Man.

I should mention that Fred premiered Festival Creep, a song he’d written that morning about ‘Xmas’ starting earlier every year. Lyrics are here.

We’ll be at The Belle Vue in Wycombe next week (1st December) and hoping that the Fenner/Diegan slot at the Arts4Every1 event on Saturday persuades some new people to come along. Also hoping that we’re back to the usual high standard that most visitors remark on.

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