The Night We Ate The Raffle - July 8th 2009


Alan and Rosie were away in Oregon, Steve and Jennifer were getting ready for their holiday, some other regulars were busy with other things, but 9 of us managed to entertain ourselves and some customers at The Prince Albert.

We were pleased to see Bob after his operation and glad to hear that his playing was as good as ever. We were also pleased to welcome Ian Pedley who has visited the club in the past but has now moved nearer us, so we hope to see more of him in the future. We were expecting someone called Robert Brown from Ipswich who had phoned the pub and said he would be arriving a little late, but he didn't appear and we hope all is well with him.

Apart from singing and some banter we enjoyed eating some Mint Cake that Alan had donated to the raffle - sorry Alan! Delia drew the raffle and therefore, as predicted, also won the raffle. She choose a CD - Leige and Leaf by Fairport Convention.

Dick started the evening with a tribute to Johnny Collins who he had known since the 1960s and who died a few days ago, by singing a song he had learnt from Johnny - Let Union Be.

We had several other unaccompanied songs:- Trubshaw's Bold Hussair, (a Staffordshire song which is where Ian came from), Go from My window, Messing About on the River, Ratcliffe Highway, Saying Goodbye to the Sea,, John's Ghost Riders parody answer phone message, Teenage Cremation, A Pint of Old Peculiar, I Like to Rise, Tobacco is An Indian Weed, Newlyn Town, and Wild Rover to the tune of Ghost Rider's in the Sky.

Accompanied songs were:- Dougie MacLean's Sailing to Australia and This Love Will Carry, Walk on the Sea (written by a Lindisfarne member), John Mitchel, Waltzing's For Dreamers, Fire and Rain, No Words (Bob's own), Human (The Killers), The Farmer (another of Bob's songs), and Follow the Heron Home.

Tunes / instrumentals were:- Delia and Stuart's concertina duet The Queen's Birthday (a Playford tune), The Upton Stick Dance (Roger's harmonica), and Killing Me Softly (Gerry's guitar).

Next Wednesday we're at The Old Ship at Cadmore End. Get there early for a seat!

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