Belle Vue 7 : Steely Dan: 7 & The Biannual Rebellion Brewery Open Weekend


Wednesday 1st July 2009

Seven of us went to Hammersmith Apollo to see Steely Dan which left the club somewhat depleted, but luckily Steve, Gerry, Terry, Dave, Brin, and Dick played and sang at The Belle Vue. We believe there was some rehearsing for the Brewery Open Weekend which some of us were playing at on the Saturday, and everyone had a good time.

Saturday 4th July 2009

The Brewery Open Day went very well, despite Alan and Rosie being in Oregon - Martin stepped into the breach and did a good job setting up the PA. Steve, Roger and Karen opened the afternoon, followed by Fred, Dick, Martin, and Gerry. David, Simon, and Alison finished off the afternoon, and were then persuaded by Karen to sing Bucks Free Press which went down very well. There were a lot of people there, it was very noisy, but the sun shone and everyone seemed to be having a good time. We hope they raised the £10,000 they were aiming for for the local Scan Appeal. Thank you Rebellion Brewery for all your hard work - a very busy weekend for some of us and for the brewery.

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