Happy Birthday to Steve at The Old Ship


Wednesday happened to be Steve's birthday. Naturally he was regaled with a rendition of Happy Birthday. Steve himself sang First Came to Caledonia and Black Velvet Band

It was good to welcome Richard to The Old Ship. With his accordion, he gave us Drew My Ship Into The Harbour, Bold Riley and Poor Tom Long. As always, he joined in with everyone's tunes on the whistle.

We had a couple of contrasting John Lennon songs. Gerry sang Julia from The White Album and Rosie sang Crippled Inside from Imagine.

Other songs and tunes were:

Dave: Oyster Girl/Isabella, Northern Lights, Hop Picking Song (a new one) and Civil War
Dick: Bring Us A Barrel, Ben Hall, Let Union Be
Rosie and I: Teahan's Favourite/Maggie In the Woods, Blame It On The Sun (Stevie Wonder), Everybody's Crying Mercy (Mose Allison), Rakes of Kildare/Tenpenny Bit (AKA Am jigs)
Me: Stuart's Hornpipe
Delia: Faraway Town, Sad When The Great Old Ship Went Down, Keep You in Peace 'Til We Meet Again
Stuart: London Town ('Up to the jigs')
Gerry: Love Will Keep Us Alive (popularised by The Eagles), Cathy's Song (Paul Simon)
Simon: Rig-a-jig/Any Jig Will Do, Time To Ring Some Changes
John: Grey Funnel Line, Rare Old Times

We'll be at The Pegasus in Marlow Bottom on Wednesday 27th. There's plenty of space, so do join us.

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