Barcelona won, MBAC lost at The Pegasus


There are only ever a few other people at The Pegasus on a Wednesday. So it proved this week. However, the few people there had come to watch the Champions' League final. Some serious drowning of sorrows was indulged in after Manchester United lost.

We were just about were able to brave the background TV noise with occasional swearing at the referee. It was less tolerable when it turned into a football crowd version of Kumbaya. Needless to say, we'll be careful to avoid The Pegasus on future football evenings.

The antics provoked a few ripostes: Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise from Bob, All Things Are Quite Silent from Dick and Rough Justice from John.

We hadn't seen Patrick for while, so it was good to hear his own songs No Star Hotel, Pat Pong Girl and Road to Mandalay.

Martin's back from university for the summer. He had no trouble being heard over the background noise. His songs were 11am (Incubus), Sugar Rush (Ian Siegal), Love Ballad (Bill Bailey), Into the Flood Again (Alice in Chains).

Just to test whether I can type the special Nordic characters, Fred gave us Bukkehøn Shallingen, Bestefars Gangar Från Bø and (less of a challenge to type) Cam Ye O'er Frae France.

Other songs and tunes were:

Rosie and I: Off To California, Captain Byng/Peg Ryans/Maids of Ardagh, It's Too Late (Carole King), You Go To My Head (recorded definitively in 1938 by Billie Holiday and excruciatingly in 1975 by Bryan Ferry)
Dick: Bring Us a Barrel, Teenage Cremation, Billy Is The Lad
Steve: Across The Great Divide
Delia: Bonny Labouring Boy, Making Rum, Hard Times Come Again No More
Stuart: Old Game Cock, Carrion Crow
Bob: Twisted Fairground (Bob), Just A Little Bowl, Summertime (Gershwin)
Simon: Jenny Lind
John: Sister Josephine (Jake Thackray)

We'll be at The Belle Vue in Wycombe next week. As usual there, I'll set up the amplification and couple of mics.

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