Prince Albert Feb 09


In attendance: Dick, Gerry, Dave H, Norma, Jennifer, Rosie, Alan, Roger, Karen, Bob T, Delia, Stuart F, Simon, Vicky, John,

Instruments: guitars, melodeons, concertina, shaky things, bodhran.

Noteable events of the evening: Vicky's first visit of the year - good to see you Vicky, a role reversal of Karen playing (bodhran) while Roger sang, John's revamped Credit Crunch song, Bob's beautiful guitar work, Rosie's excellent rendition of the computer song - which was requested, and in general everyone's singing & playing.

Songs: Let Union Be, Broomfield Hill, Daddy Fox, April Come She Will, Won’t You Listen to my Heart, Cats in the Cradle, Snowdrops Crocuses Bluebells, Will He Make It, Let Smiling be Your Banner, Spanish Ladies, The Blooming Computer’s Down, Cunhla, Shenandoah, Fine Fine Sparrow, Black is The Colour, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, The Little Vagabond, Bonnie Glen She, Danny Boy, The Sands O’ The Shore, Matty Groves, Jacob’s Dream, Credit Crunch

Tunes included: the mandolin solo Alan tried last week and gave up on again this week!, Am Jigs, Pigeon on the Gate, Step Back, Herbert Smith, Dark Girl dressed in Blue.

Apologies for anything I’ve missed out as I don’t think I ‘ve got them all written down here.

Vicky’s Johnny Cash Tribute Band is playing at The Red Lion, Wooburn on 7th March.

Gerry recommended the “Amazing Slowdowner” which you can download from the internet and use it to slow down MP3s.

Next week we’re at The Belle Vue, and then 11th March we’re back at The Prince Albert. See you there.

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