Around the British Isles from the Belle Vue


I’ve lost my notepad, so this week’s blog entry is like my recent mandolin solos - without any accurate notes.... Corrections welcome!

John, a regular attendee at our Belle Vue Wednesdays, brought his melodeon and David, a concertina player. They played several tunes together, starting with Portsmouth and including a Swedish and, unusually, a Welsh tune.

It was good to see Terry again, this time equipped with guitar and mandolin rather than his usual banjo/mandolin hybrid. He played a couple of songs, one of which was blues based and, I think, by Steve Hunt.

Gerry had started with James Taylor’s Steamroller Blues, omitting the last few lines from the live version. I don’t recall his second song. However, he was persuaded back to the mic and sang a Scottish take on One Man Went to Mow ‘Three Men from Cartyne’, made famous by Billy Connolly.

As usual, Dick gave us a selection of English songs, including Bring Us a Barrel and Twas On One April Morning.

The rest of us (Rosie, Karen, Roger, Dave and I) have a gig on St Patrick’s Day and unashamedly used this evening to run through a dozen or so of the Irish songs and tunes on the set list for that evening.

In the break, Dave dug out his melodeon and, along with John, David, Terry and Roger, played a selection of English morris and country dance tunes.

We’re at the Prince Albert in Frieth next week. Arrive early for a good seat.

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