May you never forget the golden age of the singer/songwriter


I wonder how many times John Martyn's May You Never has been sung in folk clubs this week. Bob was back after a while away and did the honours for us.

Several other singer/songwriters from the 60s and 70s featured tonight. Gerry sang Paul Simon's Cathy's Song, James Taylor's Shower The People and Don McLean's Castles In The Air (but nothing from Cat Stevens this week!). Bob added Tom Paxton's Last Thing On My Mind.

We were pleased to welcome and hear Creag, who started with the excellent I'm Your's by Jason Mraz, an upcoming Czech-American singer. He later joined in with the theme with Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Good luck to Creag in Bristol.

St Patrick's Day will be upon us soon, so the Irish repertoire will more prominent for the next few weeks. Tonight, we had:

  • Bold Donnelly, Off To California/Tomgraney Castle, Silver Spear/Sally Gardens (Rosie and me)
  • The Rare Old Times and Ride On (Karen and Roger)
  • The Jolly Beggarman / The Wise Maid (Karen, Roger and Rosie)

We also heard:
  • Dido Bendigo, The Lusty Smith and She Loved a Portuguese (Dick)
  • Almaz (Rosie and me)
  • The Unlaid Maid (Rosie)
  • The King of Rome (Karen)
  • The Princess Royal (Roger)
  • You Are My Sunshine (Bob)
  • Lassie Yet/Tenpenny Bit, Oranges in Bloom, Nobby Hall (Simon)
  • The Old Dun Cow (Brin)
  • Rough Justice and Bournemouth (John)

We're back at The Pegasus in Marlow Bottom next week. Our last evening there was great. There's plenty of room, so do come along.

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