An Evening of Firsts at The Pegasus


This was our first evening at the newly refurbished Pegasus in Marlow Bottom which now provides fabulous beer, food and wine – go eat there if you haven’t! The bar at The Pegasus is spacious and so we were all able to sit comfortable with plenty of room for instruments, including France’s harp. We had an excellent attendance with most of our regulars and a great evening of varied song and tune. We hope to be at The Pegasus one Wednesday every month, so now have 4 venues again.

Another first was Andy Fowler from Marlowfm radio, who came along to record the evening and who will be putting together a selection of songs and tunes from the evening to play on Marlowfm in the near future. We will let you know date when we hear from Andy. Andy very much enjoyed the evening and chatted to lots of us, and hopes some of us might be interested in performing for a live show and the music festival planned for the summer.

Music will feature regularly on the radio station and the following information is from the website, “Evenings and weekends on Marlowfm will be given over to specialist format programmes; Jazz, Blues, R & B, Folk, World Music, Big Band, Classical and Indie will probably all feature in addition to 'magazine', documentary and current-affairs shows along with live concerts. Andy Fowler will be back talking about and playing the best Folk music around and Paul Mansell will focus on World Music... past, present and future.”

At present Marlowfm is an on-line radio station only, apart from 19th May to 15th June 2009 covering Regatta time, when they will be broadcasting on FM. Have a look at the website at and why not try out the Marlowfm jukebox with a great eclectic mix of music. You can send in the names of your favourite tracks which they will then add to the jukebox playlist.

Welcome to Martin and Kerraleigh, who came along for the first time and did fantastically to sing and play so well in public for the first time. We look forward to seeing them again.

The evening included some of the following. Apologies for any songs & tunes I’ve missed.

Instrumentals / Tunes

Stuart W: The Tempest by Doug Smith, Je Te Ve (guitar)
France: Y Pwy (Harp)
Roger & France: Planxty Fanny Power (Harp & Guitar)
Fred: Roll Ye Gentle & At the End of the Bay, Selyefloyel – a Swedish tune) (flute)
Paul: Wittingham Green Lane, The Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside (melodeon)
Alan & Rosie: Various tunes (guitar, melodeon)

Accompanied Songs

Gerry: Just a Song & Dance Man, Father & Son (guitar)
Rosie &Alan: Killing the Blues, Don’t Let it Bring You Down (guitar & melodeon)
Alison : Snow White Dove, Swallow (guitar & duet concertina)
Dave, Alison & Simon: Come all You Rolling Minstrels (guitar, melodeon & concertina)
Dave F & Simon: Live This Life (Met a Man Named Jesus) (guitar & melodeon)
Karen & Steve: Crazy Man Michael (guitar)
Karen & Roger: Dimming of the Day, John Mitchel (guitar)
Kerraleigh & Martin: I Come After You, In the Evening (Nina Nastasia), Tired of this Life,
Caroline (Dawn Landez) (guitar)

Unaccompanied Songs

Dick: Come Me Lads Let Us Be Jolly, Bonnie Bunch of Roses O
Steve: River Days
Stuart F: Truro Agricultural Show
Delia: Where Ravens Feed, Keep You in Peace Till We Meet Again
John: Walk the Iron Road

Wed 4th Feb is at The Belle Vue in High Wycombe, weather permitting!

We’re back at The Pegasus on Wednesday 11th February and then at the end of March and April. Do come along if you can.

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