Wed 10th September 2008 at The Old Ship


We had a warm welcome at The Old Ship and managed to fit into the restaurant area. It was lovely to be joined by Dave, recorder player, for his 2nd evening with us - some time since his first as he injured a finger soon after his first visit. There was an excellent mix of songs & tunes.

Instruments: 3 melodeons, a duet concertina, another concertina, 5 guitars (1 unused in the end as Steve felt like singing unaccompanied chorus songs), 1 recorder, 1 harmonica, 1 bodhran, shaky things.

Dave H started the evening tunes with Isabella, Young Collins and the Princess Royal, and then Mr Frost's singing marked the official start of the evening with Sportsmen Arise. Dick also sang, Ben Hall and The Miller.

Karen & Roger - Waltzing's For Dreamers, Shenandoah (+ some lovely guitar accompaniament from Bob) & When I'm Gone.

Recorder Dave - Tunes - Parson's Farewell, Boufons, Portsmouth, & the amusing self-penned song about a Transport Cafe song to the tune of The Gypsy Davy

Bob - Black is the Colour, Geordie & Will The Circle be Unbroken

Dave H - self-penned sojngs, Nova Scotia, Mother Nature (accompanied by melodeon) & tunes Jack Robinson & Old Tom of Oxford

Alan & Rosie - various tunes including Kerry Polkas, John Ryans, & Monty Pythan's Galazy song, & Stevie Wonders, Blame it on the Weather.

Dave F accompanied by Alison on concertina - The Digger's Song

Dave accompanying himself - Joni Mitchel's "Playing Real Good For Free"

Alison accompanied by Dave on guitar - a French song about if a monk could dance.

Alison - kate & Anna McGarrigle's The World Song - excellent for joining in to.

Simon - The Games People Play (in small font!)

Simon and Dave F - the highly amusing Would You Like to Add me As a Friend (Chumbawumba)

Steve - the unaccompanied chorus song Riverdays & Miner's Lifeguard

John (fresh from his Orpheus choir practise) - the Hunting for Fish Fingers song,

Next week we are at The Prince Albert at Frieth - see you there.

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