First regular night at The Belle Vue


Our decision to make The Belle Vue a regular venue seems to have been a good one. We had a good turn-out and got a warm welcome from Alan and the locals. And we didn’t disturb the darts players too much.

Douggie came all the way from Bracknell and was on fine form. The highlight of the evening for many people was his version of John Kirkpatrick’s Eddie Baker’s Muckspreader, which has 8 long and very funny verses. He’d started with a variation on the Gypsy Davey and finished with Dylan’s Death is not the End.

The job of following Douggie’s tour de force fell to John, who rose to the challenge with If You Had Brain and later contrasted this with Anathea.

Helen had a much shorter trip to the pub and was very welcome. As well as leading some tunes on concertina, she sang Pat Murphy’s Meadow, Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies and Going to California.

It was good to see Stuart and Delia again. Delia sang Who Will Buy My Besom and My Bonny Labouring Boy. The pub was serving two draft beers from the west country, one of which was Dartmoor Ale, so Stuart was compelled to give us Tavistock Goosey Fair.

Richard Thompson hasn’t been with us for a while so Karen and Roger gave a first airing to Waltzing for Dreamers. Their other song was Across the Great Divide, which I think we’ve heard before. Roger brandished his harmonica to lead Jack Robinson.

After a week in Norfolk, some of which was spent on a boat on the Broads, Rosie's original accent was in good shape for the Kipper Family's The Body. She and Alan also gave us Jethro Tull’s The Witches Promise and an ironic Sunny Afternoon. Rosie also led several sets of tunes which had enthusiastic participation from all and sundry.

We also had:

  • Let Union Be, Limehouse Lass and Man in the Moon from Dick

  • Black Velvet Band, Little Feat’s Willin’ and The Band’s The Weight from Steve (who needs to get his backing singers in order)

  • Herbert Smith’s 4 Hand Reel / Dark Girl Dressed in Blue and the always-popular Nobby Hall from Simon

  • The Raconteur’s You’re Not Free, Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill and an unaccompanied version of Tim Minchin’s Not Perfect from Martin

Here’s hoping our next visit to the Belle Vue is as enjoyable. Meanwhile, we’re at The Old Ship, Cadmore End next Wednesday.

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