Visitors From Across The Sea & Norma's bodhran debut


It was lovely to meet Jacqui C (who will be known to Mudcatters) who now lives in Maine, USA, and to see Terry back with us again, along with the regulars except for Alan & Rosie & Martin who were in The Alps and possibly yodelling. A brief blog this week…….tunes often accompanied by all the musicians including Karen & Norma on Bodhran ......

  • Dick: Dido Bendigo, Gentle Annie, Brian Boru

  • Terry: Muesli, 3 very short ones (& all funny), All Used Up (Utah Phillips)

  • Jacqui C: Cold Haily Windy Night, Starlight on the Rails (Utah Phillips), Rose of York

  • Steve: Sleepless Sailor, Santa Claus (Steve Laughlin), Miner’s Lifeguard

  • Dave: Jack Robinson & Old Tom Watson, Bear Dance, The Harvest Song

  • Alison: The Cottage Door, Bold Riley, Agnes Won’t You Go With Me

  • Dave & Alison: Down East Alexia (Down East, coincidentally, is part of Maine on the East Atlantic USA coast – where Jacqui C now lives though we didn’t know this until after Dave had sung the song), Wounded Hillsides (Dave Fenner)

  • Simon: Old Morris Tune, Constant Will

  • Simon & Dave: Jack’s Alive, Urban Spaceman

  • Karen & Roger: Byker Hill

  • Karen, Roger & Steve: Oh Cumberland (Matraca Berg)

  • John: Saying Goodbye to the Sea, Gorging Jack & Guzzling Jimmy

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