A-Line a-line o-oh at The Old Ship Wed 13th Aug 08


18 attendees + 8 guitars + 4 melodeons + 1 mandolin + 1 bazouki + 1 violin + 1 bodhran = one absolutely fantastic night!

A line of singers and musicians developed as more and more people turned up and we had to spread from the restaurant area into the bar until there was a long line stretching the entire length of the pub! But as the pub is small and the quality of the singing and playing was so excellent, having a full bar really enhanced the atmosphere.

I didn’t manage to record everything sung and played so apologies for omissions.

It was especially good to see some of our occasional visitors: Trevor (from Milton Keynes), Simon Stephenson, Paul (melodeon).

The regulars were: Dick, Rosie, Alan, Steve, Jennifer, Dave, Norma, Karen, Roger, John, Vicky, Bob, Simon D, Stuart.

Term-time regular: Martin!

We had some brilliant tunes which lots of us played along with, including: Mazurkas, Silver Spear, Sally Gardens, All The Way To Galway, List For A Sailor, Hot Punch, John of Paris, Oranges in Blue

Some amazing guitar from Stuart Walker including Tommy Emmanuel’s Keep It Simple

Some great chorus songs: Let Union Be, Taj Mahal’s Gone Fishing, Blackleg Miner, Pretty Babes in The Wood, Ellin Vanin, Dougie MaClean’s This Love Will Carry, I Like To Rise.

Other Songs included: Lovely Nancy, The Raconteurs’ Old Enough, The New Tricks, Phil Ochs’s When I’m Gone, Bob’s The Farmer, Bob’s version of Matty Groves, Gilly Kemp’s Are You Listening, Trevor’s Love Makes Fools of Us All, Dave’s Trafalgar Day and The Age of Steam, Franklin, A Rose in April, The Beatles’ I Will, When I First Came to Caledonia, Almas, Flight of the Concords’ If You’re Into It (a rather saucy little duet from Vicky & Martin)

Dick Frost and Simon Stephenson are appearing nex Monday - 18th August - at Tudor Folk Club, Chesham.

Next Wednesday we are at The Prince Albert, Frieth.

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