Jake Thackray night


We were very pleased to welcome new visitors John from York (& ex-Maidenhead regular) and Severn from Maryland USA who has had a great time going round the festivals this summer. 

John's  passions are Jake Thackray and Pink Floyd.  He does a mean Jake Thackeray but little did he know that the Jackson family do to! - added to which Terry and Quiet John both do Sister Josephine, though on this occssion Terry won the spot.  Even so, 4 different singers doing Jake Thackray in one night must be some sort of a record.  Much enjoyment and hilarity all round.

Severn has some most interesting songs and we especially liked the replacement lifeboat horses pulling the coffin which ends up in the sea.  Written by someone in Wales, (Edna someone?) I would be interested to know if it's based a true event.

As the room is being decorated we were in the main bar and Steve looked most professional mounted on his stool while strumming his guitar.   Stuart bravely made his debut with a sketch featuring Radio 4's Today programme and Robin Cook.  (For some reason it reminded me of Moira Craig's friend who performs "To be or not to be" to a well-known tune, which unfortunately I can't remember,  - absolutely brilliant and I can imagine Stuart doing it, so will have to find out from Moira what the tune is!)  Next week will be Martin's last week till December as he is off to university.  We will miss him, and Simon, the later returning to his Folk Music degree course - much jealousy all round.  We look forward to seeing them both back in the holidays.

Unfortunately the room won't be finished next week and there is an England game on so we are singing & playing at Alan & Rosie's place next Wednesday.  So bring your own refreshments along.  We will leave contact details at TJ O'Reilly's so anyone who turns up at the bar on Sep 12th can find out where we are, (it's not far from the pub).  If you know in advance that you're likely to come along and don't know where Alan & Rosie are, please send a message via this myspace site for details in advance.


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