a full house


After some furniture removing, which successfully located enough chairs without arms for the musicians, we settled in the side bar which has a nice new wooden floor but no permanent tables or chairs yet.

Despite several regulars being away, we had a full house and were glad to welcome Trevor and Patrick, with their own songs in their very different and individual styles. Good luck to Patrick for his next trip - to Bhutan.

Also good to see one-time regular 'Scottish' John McCrae again with his distinctive musical style and humour. His adaptation of 'Oh Susannah' into a commentary on the Iraq war left us in little doubt about his views on the subject.

Simon paid us his last visit this summer before he goes back to his course at Newcastle. We look forward to hearing what another term of studying traditional music can deliver!

Bob's fine version of All Along the Watchtower was further enhanced by some spontaneous fiddle fills and a solo from Simon.

After her Towersey triumph, Vicky sang two Kate Rusby songs. She hasn't yet started talking like Kate, but that might come soon.

Karen flew solo for three numbers, including Steve Earle's I Ain't Ever Satisfied, complete with mass singing of the do do do's.

Neither the hare nor the stoat featured in Dick's contributions. Those paying close attention may have spotted a variation in his performance of Limehouse Reach.

Rosie couldn't resist the Kippers' 'Overstrand', having passed several of the places mentioned when on the recent family holiday in Norfolk. No members of the family were disembowelled in this visit.

Martin played two requested songs: Rchard Thompson's Turning of the Tide and Bill Bailey's Dog/Cat/Tramp song.

Nice to see Dave S again after a while away. We look forward to our two other newcomers returning with sax and bass respectively.

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