Prince Albert confirmed for 22 January, The Boot for 29 January


It seems that some pub landlords thought that Wednesday 1 January didn't count as the first Wednesday in January.

When we arrived at The Dashwood Arms on the 8th, there was a comedy night in progress so, after a quick call to Mike, we headed off to the Prince Albert for a very nice evening.

I called Mick at The Cross Keys on the 15th just to confirm that he was expecting us that evening. He wasn't, but managed to move the darts match into the front bar so we were fine.

Mike is certainly expecting us at The Prince Albert on 22nd.

For the 5th Wednesday on 29th, we'll be at The Boot in Bledlow Ridge. Our last session there before Xmas was not a great success because we were in the bar, and the restaurant table next to the bar was populated by a group of loud women, who were clearly having a good time. We may all have played and sung well, but we couldn't hear each other, so no-one could tell. This time, we'll be in the their marquee. Don't worry - this won't be a spartan experience - it's heated and has sofas etc. Please come along so we can see how it works as a venue.

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