Quantity, quality and variety at The Dog & Badger


We'd had a run of lowish attendances recently, probably not unrelated to some lousy weather. So it was good to arrive at the Dog & Badger to find a quorum of regulars, plus Simon who'd only come once before. 

By the time we got to 9:15, we'd been joined by a young couple with harp and guitar (and parents). The couple, whose names I didn't catch, had apparently returned recently from busking their way around Europe and will soon head off around the world. It was lovely to hear the harp played with so much verve. They even sold some CDs.

It turned out to be a fantastic evening, with a mix of Armistice Day songs (notably from Liz and Alan, Stuart, Delia, Dick and Rosie & me), chorus songs that we sang heartily, and tunes that were played along with. Not only that, we had quite a collection of instruments: guitars, melodeon, anglo, english and duet concertinas, native american flute (excellent debut from Judith), autoharp, harp, mandolin and, brought but not played, mandola and recorder.

As well as 'trad' and 'anon', we had songs popularised by Rod Stewart (David ), Cirque de Soleil (Alison), Mose Alison & Tom Waits (Rosie) & David Gray (Simon).

Thanks to everyone who came for making this such a super evening. Let's hope for more big turnouts and quality performances in the weeks to come.

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