Please check this website to be sure you come to the right venue


Several newsletters and websites publicise our Wednesday evenings, and we thank them for that. However, they tend to assume that our regular cycle of venues doesn't change.  In reality, we sometimes need to switch when our scheduled venue will have another group there, especially if we know that group will be noisy!

This has meant that some people have turned up at a pub need disappointed that we've not been  there!

As Fred says in the song - please check! You'l be made welcome if you manage to find us.

We're a bit of a wandering folk-club
You could say we are peripatetic
And some of us are good musicians
And some are pretty pathetic
We like a bit of a sing-song
And it helps if the beer is good
We like a song with a chorus
And it's better yet if it's rude.

Next week we're at the Prince Albert
And after that the Cross Keys
The Dog and Badger, the Chequers and the Dashwood Arms
But check the website, please!

We strive for the perfect venue
We've been striving for many a year
So far our search continues
Not found one that serves free beer.
We like to have good acoustics
In our search for musical bliss:
We tried that place on the Oxford Road
But frankly, the beer was


Some of us play songs by Dylan

And some by Flanders and Swann;
And some play the old traditional airs
From times that long are gone.
So come along to our Folk-Club
If you can find the right place
Whether you play or sing or not
We'll welcome a new face!


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