A Torrid Night at the Prince Albert - 27th June


Let's see; there was Dick Frost, John McCrae & his partner, Steve and Jennifer, Alan & Rosie, Martin, Delia and Stuart, and me, and later The Diegans/Fenners (ASD?), John and Charles. Dick sang something about a battle (I can't remember it - some of Dick's songs just don't stick in my head); John McCrae sang a song about a battle - there's a very strong scent of Old Soldier about him - and his partner sang something quite sweet. I played "Bestefar Gangars fran Bo" on willowflute. Steve sang "The Green and the Blue", one of his regular ones; Alan & Rosie played Kerry Polkas and Rosie sang "Kitchen Man" which went down well. Seemed a bit hotter by the time she'd finished. Martin played Banjo, "putting on the style". Delia sang the original song collected for "In the Deep Midwinter", an early fugue on Kindness to Animals. Stuart & Delia played a pretty duet on concertina. ASD sang "I am ready for the Storm" and a couple of other numbers - oh, Simon played his ukelele for "I saw her standing there", which went very nicely. On the Second Round, Dick sang "Martin said to his Man" and invited verses from the company. I was ready for him this time and gave three verses that I remembered. (I had made up nine, but didn't have my crib with me.) John McCrae sang "Twa Corbies" and his partner sang something. I had a recitation for them "My Eldest Uncle". Alison wanted to know who had written it, but sadly I have forgotten (wasn't me). Then the evening blurs. John Sang "Ricketty-Ticketty Tin" to a tune of his own devising, and Charles played something on his fiddle. John McCrae finished off the evening but I can't recall what he played. I should have taken notes. Sorry. It was a good evening, but crowded. Steve won the raffle. That Boondoggle ale is nice stuff, I thought.

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