Different Venue / Different Songs / St Andrews / Harrison Evening / 30 Nov 2011


We were actually at Clayton’s bar in Marlow which was nice, since our name has Marlow in it!

Wednesday 30th November was St Andrew’s Night and very near the anniversary of George Harrisons death – which led to a spate of Scottish and Beatles songs.

Interspersed with these were some standards we had heard before, like Dick’s “Fatal Glass of Beer” and John’s “Don’t Slay That Potato”. Another amusing song was from Terry – a parody of Puff the Magic Dragon by Dave Kendrick.

Scottish contributions were:

Matt Armor’s “Generations of Change”, sung by Delia
Bonnie Glen Shee, from Stiuart
Donald Where’s your Trousers, from Fred
Coshieville, by a McClean, from Terry
Where Two Hawks Fly, from Karen
In friendship’s Name, from Stuart
Fisherman’s Wife, from Alison

Harrison contributions were:

Handle Me With Care (Travelling Wilburys), from Simon, Dave and Alison
I Need You, from Martin
Something from Mike, joined by Martin on guitar
If I Needed Someone, from Dave, Simon and Alison
Blue Jay Way (in Lydian mode), from Fred
While My Guitar Gently Weeps, from Martin

Other offerings were:

Dimming of the Day, from Alison and Dave
A Thousand Years, by Paul Metzer, from Dave
Young Waters, trad, from Dick
Another Train, by Pete Morton, from Dave, Alison and Simon
Dark Side of the Moon, from Mike
Thanksgiving Eve, by Bob Franke, from Karen

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