Shooting (or was it shouting) party at The Prince Albert


We had a  large turnout at The Prince Albert. Unfortunately, the group at the other end of the bar were much noisier than usual, so much of our subtlety was lost. But we soldiered on regardless.

I couldn't resist this:

Alison (with apologies to Elvis Costello)

Oh it's so lovely to be hearing you at The Prince Albert.
The way you sing A Strange Affair
You know that I’m impressed.
But the shooting party sitting there beside the bar
Shout so we hear it less
And Mike the landlord has a bottle in his hand
He needs to get into the bin
He tried when standing fifteen feet away from it
We hear the crash when it goes in
Alison, I know this noise is killing you.
Oh, Alison, Mike’s aim is true.

There is a second verse, but I daren't publish it here for fear of libel (or severe verbal abuse). Copies on request.

Le's hope for a quieter time next week.

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