An expected bonus at The Belle Vue


Alan has done a great job in revamping The Belle Vue. There’s now a ‘snug’ area, with soft chairs and sofas, where the dartboard used to be. This is where we play now, and it works pretty well except that the dartboard is now the other side of the partition and occasionally provides unwanted percussion.

The renovation has clearly worked – the pub was packed and very lively when we arrived. Those of us who had planned quieter material had to re-think and do sing-along stuff instead. So we heard things like Take Me Home Country Roads, The Boxer, The Old Kent Road & Waited As Long As I Can.

The pub quietened as the evening went on, so we were all able to revert to the material we might have planned.

Later on, someone looking and sounding a lot like Vicky, but with short and coloured hair, arrived and was persuaded to sing. Her version of The L&N Don’t Stop Here Any More was lovely. We’ve missed you Vicky and look forward to future visits.

Special mention to Fred, for his entirely appropriate ‘Hosanna’ parody of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, and Roger and Karen for one or two new songs. Thanks also to Clive for Alberta and Nobody Loves You When You’re Down and Out - both played with the swing they deserve.

Our next visit to The Belle Vue will be on 3rd November, which happens to be during their beer festival, when it will probably be even livelier. We may set up a small PA system so that the punters can hear us and we can hear ourselves.

We’re be at the Prince Albert next week, where space will be at a premium so arrive early to bag Simon’s stool.

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