September Fifteenth, An Evening in Haiku, For you all to read!


Dick Frost he was there
Singing songs that we all knew
We all sang along

T'was Rosie's birthday
Somehow to our great delight
She won the raffle

Roger had a box
A droning loud noise it made
Alison liked it

Terry joined us too
His head never was bereft
His fingers were lead :)

Debbie Dibley sang
She was given two CDs
We do hope they please

Alan played along
And his wife she sang a song
They were excellent

Alison and Dave
In their usual good form
They sang and they played

Karen was annoyed
Accompanied the shruti
In a key too high

Stuart and Deal-ya (poetic license)
Music stand at the ready
To aid their playing

Concertina Liz
Lovely unknown tune she played
But we know it now

Tony from the north
Carved wood on concertina
He ate, sang and played

Kerraleigh she sang
With Martin and his guitar
And lovely it was

Another Martin
Solo sang and played guitar
Very good it was

Dougie he looked pale
All shook up was he, he said,
For Liz drove too fast

Simon came at last
Better late than not at all
But no middle stool.

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