The Melodeon Liberation Front targets the Dog & Badger


I’ve often noticed that we have a bunch of unaccompanied songs, then a bunch of more contemporary numbers. This evening demonstrated why this happens – we sat in factions and then followed our usual ‘clockwise starting from Dick’ routine. So, in that order…..

The traditional faction

As usual, we had unaccompanied songs from Dick and Ian. Richard added another couple of those, plus a pair of tunes (Daphne and The Northern Lass) on the low whistle.

The young faction

Martin and Kerraleigh gave us their usual contemporary take on Americana, including their own excellent song Sally Sings Blues. See them at the Riley Park Music Festival on September 11th. Martin J was somewhat tired early on and sang a couple of downbeat songs, but compensated later with Tim Minchin’s Rock n Roll Nerd.

The guitar and voice faction

Rosie, Steve and I went through a few numbers in preparation for the Bottom Line Three gig on the Friday, with Steve and I talking turns to play bass parts on acoustic guitar and Martin B taking the solo in Killing the Blues. Martin’s songs included Secret World, a Peter Gabriel song that I’m not familiar with. After some rehearsal in the break, he also accompanied Rosie for You’ve Got a Friend. Martin J joined this faction briefly to sing Peg (a song from 12 years before he was born) with Rosie. Karen and Roger (and Roger’s excellent Guild guitar) arrived a little late, but still managed to fit in a couple of songs between their debates about which keys they should be in.

The Melodeon Liberation Front

Simon declared himself to be in the Melodeon Liberation Front as he started with Moll in the Wad. He also spoiled my symmetry by singing Steve Knightley’s Widecombe Fair.

Rosie’s melodeon also appeared for a few Irish tunes, with much joining in.

Don’t forget Dick’s gig at Tudor Folk Club in Chesham on Monday 20th August.

We'll be at the Prince Albert in Frieth next week (25th August). Expect the usual rush for good seats.

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