Bon turnout at the Belle Vue


Compared to our last session at the Belle Vue we had a splendid turnout this time and instead of everyone having to dredge their memory banks for 4 songs we only had to remember 2.5 songs this time.

As usual Dick opened the batting with 'Let Union Be' which got us all (well nearly all) in good voice. Dick's later and more oiled offerings were 'Jones' Ale' and 'Broomfield Hill'. Richard, sporting his piano accordian let rip with 'Two Lovely Black Eyes' (with topical words) and later with 'Bold Reilly' and '50 Years Ago'. Mandolin wizard, Robin gave us the Scottish traditional song 'False False' and later followed up with some very fancy picking on 'Byker Hill'. His 'piece de resistance', however, at the end on the night was 'Delila' (Tom Jones has nothing on this version).
Helen's lovely voice enraptured us all with 'Divided Country' (Bing Lyle), 'May Morning Dew' and 'Grey Dawn'. As normal Ian's great unaccompanied voice wafted over the pint glasses to the assembled throng with three ditties; 'Hal-an-Tow', 'Trees They Do Grow High' and 'Pleasant and Delightful'.

Dave sang his self-penned 'Funfair Comes To Town' and again sported his melodeon skills with 'Morgan's Run/Tune With No Name' and 'Bear Dance'. Martin and Kerraleigh came armed with yet more obscure songs (well obscure to those of my vintage anyway). Learning even 1 new song a week is certainly beyond my aged brain cell but Martin and Kerraleigh seem to learn 4 new songs each week with ease and Kerraleigh's beautiful voice gave us 'Madeline Mary' (by Bonny Prince Billy; would he have made a better fist of things in 1745?), Yellow By The Sun (Low Anthem), 'Easy Does It' (Will Oldham) and the self-penned 'Old Song' and 'Death Penalty'. This last song relates to an odd law, still in force in a forgotten US state, where the penalty for jumping off a building is death!

Alan and Rosie gave us the traditional 'Valse Eric Roche', with great melodeon and mandolin backing, 'Dark End Of The Street' and 'If Love Is A Red Dress' (Maria Mckee). Rosie also showed off her linquistic skills with 'Labour On Principle' which was sung in impeccable Norfolk. Martin sang the Chris Smither blues 'Surprise, Surprise' and Neil Young's 'After The Goldrush' (note to self - try and learn the words). Debbie's wonderful voice entralled all present with Sting's 'Fragile' before Terry's equally wonderful voice burst forth with 'Vote For Me' (Dave Kendrick). Terry also sang 'Haul Away Girls'.

Simon's skill on the melodeon knows no bounds and was much to the fore with 'Lass Of Richmond Hill/Belle Vue' and the great singalong 'Time To Ring The Changes'.
Those lucky enough to only have to remember one song this week were John who gave us 'Lazlow Fair' and Clive who sang 'Alberta' accompanying himself with Alan's guitar.

A most enjoyable evening putting us all in a good mood for voting on the 'morrow.

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