Le Blog According To Rog 21 April 2010


A mere two Wednesdays ago, the Dog & Badger was full almost to bursting with revelry and merry-making, carousing, drinking, and lusty singing. Then, various members of Marlow Bottom Acoustic turned up,and ruined everything. But, never mind.

As the evening was rather close to St. George's Day, Roger, Karen, Steve, Alan & Rosie, not unsurprisingly, used it as somewhat of a practice session, and thus regaled the assemblage with, at divers times, Scarborough Fair, The Weakness In Me, Looking For A New England, and The Whistling Gypsy Rover. All this, of course, after a fine start to the evening by Terry Silver and his joiny-in "Good Ale", followed later by "Joe Peel", plus various contributions to other performances,in his own inimitable style.

Kerraleigh & Martin were well to the fore again, with "Tennessee", by the Silver Jews, "Roll My Blues" (Holland), or there again, possibly (you never know!), "Roll My Blue"(S Holland) ---- my writing, like my bank-balance, leaves a lot to be desired (and has to be edited and punctuated properly in word-processing style by Karen!! & Karen wrote that bit! - I i.e. karen, have to add and subtract a lot of spaces!); and later "Dead Leaves In The Dirty Ground" was by the White Stripes (even I know that. Because they told me).

Anyway, I digress. Or is that "Tigress" ?? God knows.----- Richard sparkled with "Greensleeves", "Cocaine Blues",and "Angie" ( any connection ??), with a later "The Blossom And The Rain". Steve went solo for "The Galway Shawl", and Stuart and Delia (Oh Delia), with an eye on a joint OBE perhaps, played "The Queen's Birthday", by Si Cough-Ants. Simon & Dave were up for it with "Easter Eggs & Bonfire Night", & "Farewell To The Gold", and, with Alison, "Dark The Night" ---Alison, unencumbered by blokes, offered "The May Song " and "Lake Michigan" (lovely).

John gave us Bert Jansch's cheerful "Needle Of Death", and the tune "Green Onions", and Rosie and I had a bash at "Portsmouth", whilst Gorgeous Glen tickled our collective fancies with "Yellow's On The Broom", and "When My Morning Comes Around", by Iris Diment ---- any relation to Adam Diment of "The Dolly Dolly Spy" fame, I wonder ?? Adam WHO, you ask ??

Dave Heath offered "Cross Of Saint George" and "Summer Time Is Really Here " (Oh yeah ??).

So----who, and what, else ?? According to my notes, we also had DICK !! (of course!) with "Lovely Nancy", and "The Miller" ; Martin sang "Ruby Tuesday", and Steve sang a lovely self-penned song about our friend Eddie, who is making a name for himself, in his 70s, as an unaccompanied singer at festivals everywhere. {note from Karen here - Eddie used to be Head Gardener at various places and worked for many years at Bradenham Mamor} Ian sang "Jackie Robinson", and doubtless summat else while I were in't loo (sorry,Ian------ it's tough being a blog-writer).
There you go then !!

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