The Bottom Line at The Dog and Badger, 6th April


The Bottom Line's next 'first Tuesday' gig at the Dog & Badger, Medmenham is on 6th April. Our March gig was very well attended, so we hope for as good a turn-out this time. We'll kick off at around 8pm.

Download flyer

We'll also be playing an English set for The Dog & Badger's St George's Day event on Friday 23rd April. More details coming soon.

The Bottom Line is Rosie, Karen, Steve, Roger and Alan

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  1. About time you lot became an "official" band. Great name, too. I'll bet Roger had a say in that.

  2. Indeed - The Bottom Line was Roger's idea. Rumour has it that he thought of it while at on his cahon, which is usually placed behind Rosie and Karen.