Prince Albert 27 Jan 2010


Thanks to everyone who helped move the tables. As usual a packed evening and a breathtaking mix of song and tune. 29 songs (9 unaccompanied), about 10 tunes. 20 people, 18 performing.

Drink Old England Dry (Dick)
I’ve been a Mild Rover (Parody – Sid Kipper, sung by Tring John)
Machester Angel (Trad, sung by Ian)
Ae Fond Kiss (Robbie Burns, sung by Karen)
I’ve Been A Ploughboy (written and performed by Ifor Randall from Todmoredden- very funny, the title not giving the game away about management consultancy)
Gentle Annie (Dick)
The Worst Girl in the School (from the singing of Fred Jordan who learnt it from his mother, sung by Tring John
Ratcliffe Highway(sung by Ian)
Watercress Girl (performed by Rosie)

Alan & Rosie’s tunes (melodeon and guitar)
Skye Boat Song - Concertina Duet (Stuart and Delia)
Drowsy Maggie (Richard & Andy)
Blow The Winds Southerly (concertina duet by Stuart and Delia)
Various Tunes by all in the break

Accompanied Songs
Looking in The Eyes of Love (Rosie, vocals, Alan on guitar)
If I had a Boat (Lyle Lovett, sung and played by Steve)
That’s All There is (Nina Nastasis, sung and played by Kerraliegh)
Vice Rag (A A Bondy, sung and played by Martin)
My Brother Martin (played and sung by Simon and Dave)
In The Ghetto (originally sung by Elvis, sung and played by Alison and Dave – a tear-jerker)
Labelled with Love (Squeeze, sung and played by Dave Fenner – another most miserable song, which spawned discussion about having an evening where everyone sings their most miserable songs!)
Where Are You Tonight (Andy Stewart, sung and played by Karen & Roger)
Someday Soon (A crystal gale song sung and played by Andy & Richard)
Dicey Riley + a bit of Drowsy Maggie (sung & played by Richard & Andy)
Knocking on Heaven’s Door (Dylan, performed by Karen, Steve on guitar and Roger on harmonica)
Tequilla Sunrise (Eagles, performed by Steve, vocals and guitar and Roger on guitar)
Barking at The Moon (Jenny Lewis, performed by Kerraleigh)
Tell Me Why (Neil Young, performed by Martin on guitar and Kerraleigh, vocals)
Between The Lines (written , sung and played by Ifor, excellent song about men needing to be told straight-forwardly rather than being expected to infer!)
Whiskey Lullaby (From Alison Crauss, sung and played by Dave F)
Angles Go Dancing on Sunday (Alison, duet concertina & vocals and Dave on guitar)
Time To Ring Some Changes (Simon leading vocals and melodeon, with Dave and Alison)
Once I Had A sweetheart (Andy and Richard 0 guitar, vocals etc)
My Fiery Moonshine (Richard’s own excellent parody of You are My Sunshine, performed by Richard and Andy)

And we may have finished off with something else but I can’t remember – it was nearly a week ago and a lot of singing and playing has been done since then.

Next week we’re at The Belle Vue in High Wycombe.

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