Highwaymen, Pirates and Whalers at the Prince Albert


Wednesday 24 Feb saw a fair crowd, some regulars & some new faces, gathered together in the Prince Albert for a bit of musical sport.

Many "Old Faces", a couple of new ones,and some good supporters, especially Jean, enjoyed an eclectic mix of songs and tunes from the likes of our Doyen, Dick, who treated us to the splendidly anti-Gallic "Drink Old England Dry" (they'd better not try!) and the humourous "Fatal Glass of Beer", whilst Rosie & Alan were to the fore in the tune department (with an eye on the future & St Patrick's Day) with two mazurkas, Sonny Brogan's and Charlie Lennon's, and "Bold Donnelly", which I (blush) accompanied.

On only her second visit to us, Debbie sang the "Seven Drunken Nights" -style humouresque "The Good Man" ( aren't we all ??). Mike Weston, who accompanied himself on a good-looking & bright-sounding Martin 12-string, pleased with his "The Smiling Lady", and, later, a family piece about his parents: "Mum & Dad's Wedding". Ian reminded us of the perils of both piracy (as a career), with "The Flying Cloud", and grubbing about underground in "The Durham Miners' Song", to a tune not unlike "Paddy West".

Highwaymen, especially those active in Nottinghamshire, came to the fore in "Sailing Too Close To The Wind", surprisingly not about the sea, performed by Dave Fenner and Simon Diegan, who later, by way of contrast, let us into the secrets of "The Dark Side Of The Moon". The further addition, to this accomplished duo, of Alison Fenner, resulted in "Jacob's Dream" and "Octopussy's Garden". Whalers, and both their sufferings and pleasures, were the subject of the long "a capella" "Rolling Down To Old Maui" led by John of Tring (as opposed to Gaunt).

Karen & I played "Here in California" (with Dave F), and Mr Thompson's "King of Bohemia" and also Phil Ochs's "When I'm Gone" (which he is), and I played "Upton Stick Dance". Late arrival John made us laugh with "The Flusher's Song" (about sewers), Dave & Alison essayed "Let Me Fall", Steve The Hat sang "Unison in Harmony" and Richard ventured "The Parson And The Sucking Pig".

Lastly, but of course not leastly, Rosie & Alan pleased with "I Only Have Eyes For You" (about each other).

Roger, Dodger, Over & Out.

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  1. I enjoyed the night. Hope to see you again next time I'm in your neck of the woods!
    Mike Weston
    Newcastle on Tyne