Rog Blog Mark III


Hello everybody and welcome to the third RogBlog!

Last Wednesday saw a truly formidable gathering at Frieth, in The Prince Albert, where there were, by popular estimate, probably more people crammed into the pub than at any other time! If not, then I'm a Dutchman.
Goede Dag, Dames en Heeren ! Mag Ik mij even voorstellen ? Ik heet Roger,en Ik woon in........en zo voort ! Well, OK, maybe not a record, but it WAS packed!
So packed that Dick didn't seem to know when to start, so Dave and I turned our initial "tune up" into a rousing (in the musical sense) rendition of "The Blue-eyed Stranger" and "Speed The Plough". Dick then replied with "Bring Us a Barrel", followed later by a haunting "Fair Rosamund". Martin and Kerraleigh were on top form with their own "40 Rod of Lightning" and "The Dying Californian" (John Davies), with later performances of P J Harvey's ( I nearly put P J Proby !---showing my age !) "Come on Billy ", and a Martin solo effort "The Ticket Taker" (from The Low Anthem).

The Fletchers duly duetted with the venerable "The Queen's Birthday" from the excellent Mr John Playford's collection, Delia subsequently solo-singing "Lord Abre & Mary Flynn". Never heard of it, but hey !--that's Folk for you !

The ever-dependable Gerry, who STILL hasn't gone back to Stryleer, brought sanity, if not serenity, to the proceedings with " Flower On The Water" by John Williamson (yes, I DID write "Flour" originally ) and further amazed us with a hitherto unknown talent for song-writing with his very own "Long Hard Life".

Two and a Half Row Dave, ever eager to please, then enlisted my modest help in offering the traditional "Roxburgh Castle " and "Portishead Breakfast" from Meridian, so well received that we happily continued later with "Oyster Girl " ( well, there IS an R in the month !) and Dave's own "Isabella". Visitor-from-distant-parts John let fly with " Egloshayle" ( Baring-Gould) and, later, "Bored of the Dance" ( Kipper, S). Karen then joined me for "Dimming of the Day"(Thompson) and solo'd with "Here is My Home" ( Si Khan).

To my left sat, fresh from The Cut, Jim, who, having previously played a tune the name of which I knowest not on his mandolin, further contributed "The Fields Of Athenry" and "A Pint Of Contraception" (Dunno).
Andy and Richard, performing virtually at the far end of the bar, shouted "The Wild Rover" (Marty Wild), "All For Me Grog" (Admiral Vernon) and "Tracks of my Tears" (Anybody's Guess"). Ian sang, quietly but well, "Coal Owner & The Pitman's Wife "( Coal Porter ?) and "Nancy of Yarmouth".

And a MASSIVE contribution from "The Fenestrations", (Dave ,Alison & Simoan), viz "One More Day, Johnny", "Rivers of Delight", "We Are Safe" (Jim Woodland),"Coshville", "Moll in the Wad" and "Islands Of Steel" (Fenner, D !!).

AND------I (yes, I !!) won the raffle, at last-----what a night! Next Wednesday it's Trafalgar Night, so don't forget to bring a suitable sea-song (not compulsory!) and some Grog (for me).

RVM (or should that be RUM ?).

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  1. Sounds like a great night, wish we'd been there. Lively and informative as always, Rog!