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Wednesday the 23rd of September saw a fair gathering of afficionados comfortably, if a little warmly, ensconced in an otherwise deserted main bar at "The Pegasus". Those in attendance were: Dick--Alan &Rosie--Karen & Roger--Kerralee & Martin--The Fletchers--Dave & Norma--Gerry and, later, Paul and John. And a Scottish person who consistently refused to play the flute! There were, Zigo-like,a few absentees,viz. Bob T, Fred and Richard who's been coming a lot lately !

After a warm welcome back from everyone to Dave & Norma, Dick,as usual,had the honour,and started the evening off with the Waltzing Matilda parody "Walking Your Bulldog", with the further contributions,as the evening wore on,of "I Drew My Ship" and,surprisingly,"The Wild Rover".

Alan & Rosie were on top form (almost) with "The Nightingale",followed byCarol King's "It's Too Late" .Later offerings from them included Jake Thackray's "Grandad","My Old Friend The Blues" by Steve Earle, and five (in total) lively "joiny-in" tunesets including "Tehan's Favourite" and "Maggie In TheWoods".

After a recently- learned "Cloghinne Winds"(Briege Murphy) from Karen & Roger, Dave aired his own "HopPicking Song", which was followed by a skilfully-rendered, by Gerry,version of Mike McLellan's "The One I Love". TheFletchers' chosen concertina duet for the evening was the somewhat prophetically -titled "All At Sea" by Claire Wren, Delia later giving us the song "The Border Widow's Lament". Kerralee and Martin gave us the selves-penned "Old Song", Nina Nastasia's "Dumb I Am", "Shankhill Butchers"( The Decemberists), and "To Ohio" (The Low Anthem),whilst Gerry contributed further with "April Come She Will" (P Simon) and Mr R Thompson's "Galway To Gracelands".

Roger & Karen offered Kate Wolf's "Medicine Wheel", Karen sang solofor "What Can This Be?" (D MacLean) & B Murphy's "One DownThe Road",and Roger played Norma's request "Le Canal EnOctobre" by M Frederick Paris,accompanied by several LOUDmelodeons ! Late-arrival Paul played 2 spirited jigs,"Queen's" and "Basque",&,later,"Whittingham Green Lane" and the splendidly titled "The Duke Of Fife's Welcome To Deesside". John gave us an emotion-charged "Danny Boy",which led to the surprise "turn" of the evening when the hitherto-relcalcitrant Scot gave in and played "Danny Boy" rather neatly on his flute!

A very pleasant evening was brought to a close eventually by Mr Fletcher's appreciation of "The Oggie Man" (Tawney), Dave's recently-collected (from a Morris Side) magnificently loud, sombre & Gothic " Twiglet", and John's rendition of the "All things Bright & Beautiful " hilarious parody by Mr M Python and his Circus!

Next week,we hope to have an equally eclectic &enjoyable time in the cramped but cosy environs of "ThePrince Regent" in lovely Frieth.


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