The Magnificent Seven at The Prince Albert


There were a select seven of us at The Prince Albert this
week, but we managed to fill the evening with lots of songs,
tunes and banter.

Tunes we had were led or accompanied by various instruments
including melodeon, concertina, mandolin, guitar.
They were: Merrily Kissed the Quaker, Upton Stick Dance,
Cued Mile Failte (A Hundred Thousand Welcomes), Kitty Lie
Over jig, Sportsmans Hornpipe, A schottische from France,
an O’Carolan tune I can’t spell, and The Ashgrove.

Songs were sung or accompanied by Dick, Rosie, David,
Alison, Roger and Karen.
They were: Bring Us A Barrel, Bells of Norwich, Sally Ann,
Done with the Sin and the Sorrow, That Old Devil Called
Love, The Innocent Hre, (can’t recall why, but there was
some talk of stoats), King of Bohemia, Tom Dead Light,
Killing the Blues, The First Time, Sweet Primroses, Swallow,
Shine (was this the first timea David Gray song made an
appearance at MBAC other than via Jeremy), My Old friend
the Blues.

We are at The Old Ship on Wed 17th June and the Pegasus on
Wed 24th June.

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