Richard Thompson Evening!


We decided to mark Richard’s 60th birthday with an evening of his songs as he is such a fine (& prolific) song-writer.

Richard very kindly replied to Alan’s email telling him of our evening:

Dear Marlowe Bottom-ites, It's a thrill and an honour that you would consider a whole evening of my music - 30 seconds is enough for most people. I wish you a great night, let the good times roll, and may the club long prosper! Best wishes, Richard Thompson

Luckily only 17 of us turned up, as we had to use the back room – which proved very warm and cosy! Dick, Rosie, Alan, Martin, Bob, Annette, Steve, Jennifer, Karen, Roger, J&G, & 3 of his friends & his Dad, Simon, and Dave (Train Dave).

Dave Fenner & Gerry did their Richard Thompson songs last week (Wall of Death & From Graceland to Galway) as they couldn’t be with us this week, and unfortunately John couldn’t remember which venue were at so we didn’t get to hear his lovely unaccompanied version of Beeswing – maybe on Wed 15th April at The Old Ship, John?

However, we were treated to renditions of the following Richard Thompson songs:

King of Bohemia
Waltzing’s For Dreamers
Al Boley
Razor Dance
Needle and Thread
Walking on a Wire
Crazy Man Michael
We’ll Sing Hallelujah
Time to Ring Some Changes
Down Where the Drunkards Roll
Dimming of the Day
Turning of the Tide
Meet on the Ledge
Sights and Sounds of London Town

As well as RT’s songs we also heard:

Carry Me Home to the Sea (Kate Rusby)
Bring Us A Barrel (Keith Marsden)
Fair Lucy (trad)
All the Way to Galway & ‘List for a Sailor
The Time of the Preacher (Willie Nelson & tune in Edge of Darkness)
I’m A Dreamer (Sandy Denny)
Need Your Love So Bad (recorded by Fleetwood Mac)
Upton Stick Dance (harmonica led)
Medicine Wheel (Kate Wolf)
Teenage Cremation (Leon Rosselson)
Off to California
Money Money Money (Abba)

Next week (3rd Wed) we’re at The Old Ship, Cadmore End, and the following week (4th Wed) we’re at The Pegasus in Marlow Bottom. 5th Wed will be at The Prince Albert, Frieth.

See you there for another great evening.........

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