Nearly St George's Day


The Pegasus Wednesday 22 April 2009

There was a good crowd at this our largest current venue, even though some of our regulars were away. We look forward to Gerry’s return – he is at present in warmer climes, and we were pleased Dave and Norma were having lovely weather for their trip to Devon. We were pleased to see Sheila again, with friends as well, and she gave us her website address, where her songs are freely available -

Stuart and Delia played a duet on their concertinas – Michael Turner’s Waltz, and we saved a chair in the middle for Simon – which he eventually sat on! Fred sang us his own unique Walking Home to Alpha Centori – accompanied by guitar, and, at Alan’s request, told us about his Scandinavian and home-made flutes. John arrived after his male voice choir practice. Also present were: Dick, Rosie, Alan, Steve, Jennifer, Roger, Karen, Dave, Alison, and Hilary.

English songs and songwriters were much in evidence as it was the week of St George’s Day. Some of these were:

Fathom the Bowl
Ship in Distress
Scarborough Fair
Whistling Gypsy Rover
Streets of London
Lovely Joan
Looking for New England
Weave and Worry
Bladon Races
Tom Deadlight
Pulling Down Song
Raggle Taggle Gypsies
Sweet thames Flow Softly
Dirty Old Town
Sunny Afternoon
Witches Promise
Cornish Lads
Oh No John No
Oak and Ash and Thorn
The Islands of Steel

Across the Atlantic gave us the lovely Agnes Will You Go With Me, sung beautifully by Alison. There were a few tunes including Broom’s Reel.

Next week we’re at The Prince Albert for the 29th April which is the 5th Wednesday of the month, and then 6th May will be at The Pegasus.

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